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British Red Cross promotes Refugee Week with Dougray Scott film

British Red Cross promotes Refugee Week with Dougray Scott film

LONDON - The British Red Cross has enlisted actor Dougray Scott to launch a new campaign for Refugee Week.

The charity is asking people to pledge their support to help refugees by collectively 'changing their online status' across their social networks, instant messenger and email during Refugee Week (15-21 June). This is the first time that a charity has created an online movement to pledge support and tackle discrimination via online profiles.  

Refugees arriving in the UK are often labelled as a group, not seen as individuals. To highlight this issue, the British Red Cross asks consumers to sacrifice their online identities to change their status to ‘label'. The campaign was developed by LBi and kicks off with a teaser film presented by Desperate Housewives star Dougray Scott. 

The viral film broadcasts the stories of refugees who have been helped by the British Red Cross.  The film will be released on 26 May at This will be run in conjunction with an email marketing campaign calling everyone to 'change your online status'. People can get involved in the campaign via Facebook, twitter, MSN, Yahoo!, bebo, blogs and email.

The campaign will be the first designed to leverage the online youth supporter programme, Red Recruits, developed earlier this year for the British Red Cross. The campaign will be supported with a poll of public attitudes towards refugees, seeking to debunk negative connotations around those who seek sanctuary in the UK, to be targeted at print media, and Refugee Week events at Red Cross centres around the country.   


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